Hellcrown Information

Why is this site here?

The Hellcrown Enterprises internet site came about as a result of a suggestion from one of our local employees. We are not a company that advertises widely, if at all, in realities where regional legislation forbids the supply of most of our products. But when we received this suggestion along with an offer to pay for the site out of their own pocket we decided to give it a go for a limited period just to see what kind of reaction we get.

It is our belief that most visitors to this site will dismiss it either as a complete work of fiction or the product of a small group of crackpot eccentrics. But even so it will be possible to return useful feedback on some aspects of the site, the Synthutor generated Observor reports for example. Feedback on the functionality and appearance of our products is still valid even if the products are thought to be fictional.

A brief history of Hellcrown

The three founders of Hellcrown Enterprises were amongst the brightest stars of the first generation of natural born native human Martians. That is to say they were all children of those who joined the second wave of Mars colonists. At that time Mars was heavily dependent on Earth governmental and corporate funding. In order for the Martian colonies to attain an acceptable (to them) degree of freedom from Earth it was imperative that they find something to trade with. Most of the mineral and land based commodities were controlled by the various governments and businesses of Earth, and so the Martian ideas factory was effectively kick-started. The high-tech nature of living on Mars combined with few resources and the pioneering spirit of the colonists created a climate ideally suited to innovation in many scientific disciplines. Within a decade Martian patents were adding a significant weight to the balance of trade and the foremost of the companies responsible was Hellcrown Enterprises.

Surely all this is fiction?

Well yes and no. Certainly to you it will seem so, but to us it is real. In our history humans first walked on Mars over 200 years ago. In your history it has yet to happen, and may never happen. Just because Marylin Monroe became First Lady in one history and a murder victim in another doesn't automatically make one account fiction and the other truth. See details on our Alternator for further information.