Hellcrown Alternators

The Hellcrown Alternator is a device for moving between universes, or realities. If you have come across the idea of parallel universes then the following should not be too difficult to understand.

It turns out that there are a very large, though not infinite, number of universes co-existing in what is effectively the same space and time. As we currently understand it the number of these parallel universes rose from zero to its present number during the first few millionths of a second of the Big Bang when quantum uncertainties caused massive fluctuations along the lines of dimensions who's effects diminished to nothing before the universe passed its first millisecond. From that moment on the different universes evolved in slightly different ways.

All the universes are inter-linked and inter-dependant and continually cause changes in one another and so even after billions of years they are easily recognisable as being derivatives of one another. As mentioned before, time and spatial dimensions remain the same, as do most of the physical constants which define our existance, but on a human scale things can seem very different, and it is very rare to find another version of oneself in a parallel universe.

Although we at Hellcrown have discovered a way to safely move from one universe to another the reasoning behind why one possible universe exists and the next does not is still a mystery. We strongly recommend that you equip yourself with a Habitor or other similar protected and self contained environment before using our Alternator, as not all universes have been visited and just occasionally life threatening circumstances may arise.

Accounts of previous explorations and copies of multiverse maps will be made available at this site in the future.