Hellcrown Synthutors

Hellcrown Synthutors range in capabilities and presentation from a black box that will contol your home environment to a golden android that can administer to the needs of an entire civilization.

Over the coming months more details will be made available about the exact specifications, capabilities and incorporated technologies of our Synthutors, but for now a few illustrations will have to suffice.

Model LEP 2111

It is the accepted norm to allow the Synthutors that become self-aware to name themselves. This one named itself Temple and specifically requested the environment you see it pictured in. As it is often beneficial to grant the few requests these AI's make, it's owners, ( the government of a medium sized state), agreed and Temple has been controlling the states 10 million vehicle autoroute system flawlessly ever since.


Models Bot404 and Glo1

In contrast the two Models below are engaged in nothing more than research into their own nature. Evolving AI's are constantly surprising us with their capabilities, and although these two have as yet produced few insights or revelations their owners are confident that they will. Others maintain that the University that owns them forgot to switch them on.