Hellcrown Habitors


The Hellcrown Habitor range is intended to provide a safe and comfortable environment within which you can live for extended periods and from which you can base your operations. The majority of our models have a degree of mobilty built in to them; indeed for some it may be regarded a primary feature and thus raises the debate of their categorisation as a habitat rather than a vehicle.

All Hellcrown Habitors are sealable and pressure resistant to a minimum of 3 atmospheres, (usually much more), and include fully self contained atmospheric and water recycling systems, hard radiation and optical flare sheilding, internal power generation and automated environmental and navigational control systems. All models can be fitted with one of our large range of Synthutor AIs to control and regulate these systems

At the bottom end of the range is the Stator, known universally as the Pillbox. These are modular units of a basic but comfortable nature. Ideal for colonisation.

The Wanderor models are extremely popular with explorers and travellers in general. They have interplanetary but not interstellar capabilities. The model shown can accomodate up to six, but is better suited to two for extended durations.

The Perambulator is an ideal model for extended scientific studies of inhospitable regions as it is large, robust and mobile. It is also popular with wealthy families as a touring vehicle. It is unsuitable for urban areas or low gravity planets.

The Bipedor is a somewhat infamous and extreme example of the Habitor range and although our catalogue features several designs of this model only the one has ever actually been commissioned and constructed. This illustration shows it in mid-flight shortly after the entire Japan27 government uprooted itself and made for a new life in Taiwan27.