Yet more images The development continues. All the images on this page benefit from Bill's suggestion of a greater ambient light level provided by the nighttime archlight of the lit sections. The other variations are due to the ongoing puzzle of the proportion of water. As before if you click on any of these images you will be taken to a page with a larger versions on a black background.





The above image has a water to land ratio of just 25%. Somehow it looks a lot less.





This image has a water to land ratio of 45% and doesn't look too bad, (to me).





And this image has the 75% ratio we enjoy here on the Earth. Which has the baby blue colour Niven mentions in his wonderful description, but looks altogether too sloshy to me.





Here is the far shot of the whole ring with 75% water. The larger versions is better. Keep clicking to get all the way to a 1024x768 version of this one, which I like to think isn't too far removed from the image Louis Wu was given at the beginning of the first book to get his interest. So, what now? Any more comments on the development of this model? Or have we reached a consensus/got bored/fallen asleep. Finally, let's see just how BIG the Ringworld really is. Just for fun I rendered a 6000km radius brilliant white sphere close to the rim. I couldn't see it at all at the preview size so you will have to go here to see how the Earth copares with the Ring. I hand painted Jupiter on too. And if you can spot Godzilla, Bill, you win a cigar :-)

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