Some more images The images on this page were created after the first wave of comments had been received and discussed. Thanks to John, Peter, Mark, Rowan and anyone else I have missed for their input. If you click on any of these images you will be taken to a page with a larger versions on a black background.





The above image has had a star field added to it using one of 3DSMs post production effects.





This image shows the much improved day/night terminator, having a proper penumbra makes all the difference. You can also see I have been fiddling with the cloud patterns to make them look a little more widthwise streaked/banded. The surface has had some modification too, the most visible effect of which should be a reduction in water from 75% to 30%.






And here is the horizontal shot which will be the starting point of the skimming animation if I find time to render it.


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