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Miriam switched the channel to a classical station. She hated the Heavy Metal music phenomenon. It was so negative to hear about death and destruction. Punk and Slash groups like the Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols and even Skinhead Nazi groups like Der Deutschland, made her wonder why young people had such a great appetite for nihilism. Her job was filled with suicide, racism and gangsterism, so why did she have to listen to it on the radio? She had had enough of doom and gloom in her childhood experiences. Just watching her father, Isaac, drink himself to death was enough to make any kid turn against adulthood. But it was Isaac's love of law and order--he was a chief in the Navy--that had given Miriam her inspiration to become a police officer. Isaac was paralyzed protecting his house from an intruder, and was rewarded for his heroism when his wife left him because he could no longer satisfy her sexually. After taking a degree at UCLA and getting through police training in San Diego, Miriam had entered police work.




What the hell is that!


When the Mars Global Surveyor returned this picture last year during a calibration imaging exercise en-route to the red planet there was naturally a lot of excitement. And naturally it was kept from the public. But the truth will out - especially when it promotes disorder - and the real Mulder's and Scully's out there are doing a sterling job.

Of course the really big question here is: Which way was it going?