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Last updated Oct 6th 2000



And as I mentioned often in those posts of 1998, that I believed humanity is only entering the threshold of where we can understand what gravity really is because only in the past few years are we getting enough reliable astronomical data and observations in order to make sense of what gravity really is. Up until my posts to Internet, gravity and G were considered a constant over the entire universe. But just recently we are beginning to get astronomical observations and data that imply anti-gravity forces such as in the Ia-type supernova. If this data is confirmed, then G varies. So, my warnings that we are only on the threshold of being able to understand gravity and G, seems to have been a very accurate assessment. It is no wonder that gravity has not been understood or unified to Quantum Mechanics, simply because all we knew about gravity and G was our tiny neck of the woods-- the solar system. And we had no idea or data that G varies widely throughout the universe and that Ia-type supernova even displays anti-gravity.



Anti-gravity research success



Researchers into possible anti-gravity beams appear to have made a breakthorough this week with the first positive testings of a new short-range anti-gravity field. The volunteer shown was gradually exposed to stronger and stronger effects until they began to float. Unfortunately the volunteer threw up at this point and the experiment was terminated. Oh yes they know. Never for a minute doubt that they know. Why do you think your water tasted so odd this morning?