Hellcrown Observors

The Hellcrown Observor comes in a range of models from small, mobile, personal editions to top of the range systems capable of monitoring entire residential complexes, corporate headquarters or shopping malls. The Observor can be configured to record anything that is detectable and can perform analyse of the data in real-time. In most cases custom designed or off the shelf filters are applied to restrict the data recorded to whatever the owner is interested in. Any number of static or mobile sensors can be deployed within the region to be monitored. Amongst the standard sensor types available are the following.

All the information a Hellcrown Observor monitors is securely recorded and can only be accessed with the consent of the owner. However, for locales where the law requires it we provide free Observor Tags, or O-Tags, which warn wearers when they enter a monitored region and notify them of who is monitoring them. This provides a simple means to enforce the many and various privacy laws that can exist side by side with legal monitoring.