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Last updated Oct 6th 2000



The full moon of September is known as the Harvest Moon. It is the full moon that falls nearest the autumn equinox. Nowadays in North America harvest moons are a romantic notion, but not so very long ago the harvest moon afforded a welcome light. It provided additional illumination into the night at the time of year when farmers were trying to get all their crops in for the winter. For approximately one week the harvest moon rises later by only 20 minutes each night and during this week farm fields are washed in moonlight early in the evening. We can probably all recall seeing those amazing moon rises - the moon is huge and slow and incredibly beautiful. It is so different at this time of year - or so it seems. Conventional thought in scientific circles tells us the apparent increase in size is all an illusion. This hardly seems possible - what our eyes see is so convincing!


A Rose Moon


A rose moon is a rare event, occurring a scant seven times a century. Here an over exposed shot catches such a moon between the Tower of the Moon and the Moon Mountains with the ruby rose of Khalaif set to block the glare of the moons reflection on the calm waters of Pig Bay. (well, you can't have everything)